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Effects-Collection 特效图鉴

This project is still under construction.

Input the desired effect name and generate it with one click.

For detailed information about installation, usage and available effect list(and the corresponding tutorials), please refer to wiki (currently mostly written in Chinese)


Effects Collection is an After Effects script that allows rapid creation of various effects typically used in MAD/AMV. Effects are implemented based on various tutorials on the Internet. It is created in the hope of speeding up the creation process, while preserving and collecting useful methods/tricks by provding their concrete implementations. Although the plan is to include a growing amount of effects, it may be subject to changes due to author’s time and energy restriction and interest in other topics.

This script does not pull out important parameters for quick adjustment, but instead expects the users to understand the corresponding effects by looking at the attached tutorials in wiki, and adapt the effects to their own needs with free adjustments.

Version Requirement

The script is written with English verision AE, but currently most of its outputs and documentation will be Chinese-based. The intial version of script (1.0.1) has been tested in AE CC 2014 (13.2, rgb separation effect not tested), 2018 (15.1.2), 2019 (16.1.1). Future development will be based preferably on CC 2019.